Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Chinese sexy actress Liu Yan

Name: Liu Yan
English: Ada
Gender: Female
Nationality: China (Mainland)
Occupation: Moderator actor
Place of Birth: Hunan Province, China
Birthday :1980 -11-08
Constellation: Scorpio
Blood Type: A
Height: 160CM
Weight: 47KG
Measurements: 82/61/87
Graduated: Hunan Normal University
Owned companies: Enlight Media Co., Ltd.

Willow Rock, the light media headed female anchor light Sambo "one (the other two Xie Nan, left), the new generation of Chinese is the most popular one of the anchors of popular beauty.
Personal preferences
Educational backgrounds
Bachelor of Hunan Normal University Chinese Language and Literature
Star Pilgrim
Work experience
Guangzhou Flower City "in 1999 to participate in the preliminary round that signing any of the 34 channels of Guangzhou TV show host, shooting many advertising and comedy drama, way before cooperation starring skit" for love "
Education Beijing Broadcasting Institute in October 1999
March 2000 chairman of Guangdong Cable Television Station Channel (now Guangdong Southern TV) Moderator, presided over the "Financial News" Green Spring "program
2001 - 2002 Guangzhou TV travel show "stroll Guangzhou Moderator
Ren Xincheng Li Hunan Public Channel host in November 2002, presided over the date of sowing lifestyle information program, "Mrs. prerelease see" weeks sowing car show "the rapid space" postal programs "Chuan Post Miles" special news program "Big Seeing City Win "Public News" weekend live entertainment "flower young" and participate in the Friends of the station program recording such as "Happy Camp" Rose is about "entertainment pioneer."
2004 Back Guangdong chairman of Guangdong Ying Yang spread Moderator presided over the country issued show "Entertainment Files" Health Day Line 21st century, watching movies, as well as chairman of Guangdong TV Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Zero "anchor
2005 Zhuhai Education foreign language
[Draft debut]
Hunan Entertainment Channel the Star Sister elections selected the top eight in July 2002 to October
Cat who the super charm presided show "7 September 2005, come to the fore
Dance Almighty
Awards ceremony of the first session of wireless music "Crossroads" cheongsam dance,
The seventh "Music Billboard" awards ceremony Britney Hit skewers
Pengcheng volts sheep section large concert cabaret guests
Ninth Mengniu Sour Yogurt Music Billboard Annual Festival premiere new single "Shangxiang"
[Television antennae]
Big production drama "eagle owl" invited Actress
Annual Lunar New Year drama "happy twist - no one allowed to laugh diva
Cameo role of the film "Painted Skin"
The cutting edge of fashion
Lifestyle magazine newspaper cover darling, flat shape Variety sexy
"FHM" cover girl in the October 2008 issue
Youth novels
Invited plane protagonist spokesperson of the "children of the moon" (Author: Suxia)
Invited plane protagonist spokesperson for "Il Mare" (Author: Li Wei)

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